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Update 3/Beta version is on its way!!

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Originally posted on 8/3/2014 Oh Ren’py how i love you!! Please dont turn bitch like Unity did!


 The beta version or Update 3 how you wish to call it :) ;) will be coming soon.

What will it contain you ask? Well that what im here to tell you. :D

Full HD character designed made by our lead artist

Full HD backgrounds and CG.

Full voice acting done by our voice actors/actress.

Full BGM and SFX.

CG Gallery/Image Gallery.

Music Gallery if you want to listen to our soundtrack alone.

Scene Gallery if you wish to replay your favorite scene.

And alot more!

Note the galleries you will need to unlock them as you play the visual novel.

 More detail in the update news.

Stay tunned!

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