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July Update (also may and june)

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COVER Sekaijuu

At the start of April i asked you guys 2 important questions.

One was if you guys want to see Tears of yggdrasil on kickstarter exclusively or you just want to see it done already and the other was what should the new name be. Link do that post you can find here.

Well your answers were heard and the results were outstanding.

81% voted for Tears of Yggdrasil which is amazing much you guys loved this name.

and the other was

57% voted doesnt matter which one just finish it already. while kickstarter had 29% above the 14% of patreon i was really convinced and tried to go on that route but just couldn’t in the end.

Now that we got that out of the way. The new name became official a few days ago.

The new name of the visual novel has be officially changed to Tears of Yggdrasil.

Everything and eve...

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