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First of I know a lot of you are wondering what happened to our greenlight page. We are sorry to say but we had some problems and issues with our publisher which led to or page being deleted but fear not we will be back in a flash.

Second my position in the country I am (Romania) prevents me from going to kickstarter by my self. So what would you guys prefer search for an alternative and get on kickstarter or go on patreon?

Third I’m considering to change the visual novels cuz of a few reasons:

  • The name is very hard to pronounce even for me lol.
  • Was in a very sleepy and had a cold when i thought of this name also might have been a little weabo.
  • Also cuz of this (videos are bellow). Personally I dont really want the name end up in list like those.
  • And lastly but not least i dont feel the name does it justice at the moment and doesnt really describe much of the story. Now I’m sure your under the impression from the demo intro that its just a fanservice romantic comedy which it is to some degree but thats just the tip and just the intro. To put it simple and not give spoilers away its more like zero no tsukaima(the familiar of zero) would have been written by my favorite series writer Gen Urobuchi whit some comedy and fanservice to balance it out not be in the way of plot or be thrown out there when its not need it.

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