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Character Highlight Week

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To celebrate the completion* of our game we thought we do a little something like a character highlight week. What does this mean? It means that for the duration of this week will take a character and give you guys all the details about it. (spoiler free)

First will be our main male lead character Yamakazi Kusanagi.

Main Name: Yamakazi Kusanagi
Date of Birth: 19.05.????
Gender: Male
Bloodtype: A
Height (in cm): 175
Weight (in kg): 60
weapons: sword
age range: adolescent
clothing: school uniform, suit, hospital robe
traits: physically strong
looks: purple eyes, black hair, muscular
nationality: Japanese
personality: witty, kind, lazy
schoolwear school uniform

Kusanagi is a lazy ass pervert with a kind heart even if he dreams to have his own harem of girls at his feet...

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Sekaiju: Yggdrasil is a fantasy themed, slice of life story-based game with a some elements of dating-sim; fully voiced and extensively interactive!
Each path you take will get you to a unique ending.

The story of Yggdrasil started as an insomnia play and joke about displaying different anime scenes in Unity. A friend said he likes it and i should turn it in to a real VN.

The story revolves around our protagonist Yamakazi Kusanagi that wakes up after a big earthquake in Alfheim the land of elves with out any knowledge how got there or how to get back home...

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