Character Highlight Week: Elisven Day

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To celebrate the completion* of our game we thought we do a little something like a character highlight week. What does this mean? It means that for the duration of this week will take a character and give you guys all the details about it. (spoiler free)

Today in the Character Highlight Week we have Elisven.

Date of Birth: ??.??.????
Gender: female
Bloodtype: ??
Height (in cm): 170
Weight (in kg): 60
Bust (in cm): 80
Waist (in cm): 54
Hips (in cm): 80
age range: adolescent
clothing: maid outfit
appeals: large breasts, moe
looks: silver hair, violet eyes, very long hair,pigtails(twintails),ahoge
Entity: Elf
supernatural abilities: magic
personality: klutz, shy.
role: maid, Kusanagi’s personal maid, Ikeshia’s personal maid and most trusted person.


Elisven is a maid at the elven palace and Princess Ikeshia’s personal and most trusted maid despite being a very big naive klutz. Due to her more darker tone of her skin she has always be seen as a spy of the dark elves and thus always has been bullied and persecuted while growing up. Even now after many years in service of the Princess she often gets threatened and sometimes beaten by people who still think shes only a spy. She is loyal to no one other then the Princess as thanks for seeing her for what she really is and not judging her by appearance.


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