Character Highlight Week

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To celebrate the completion* of our game we thought we do a little something like a character highlight week. What does this mean? It means that for the duration of this week will take a character and give you guys all the details about it. (spoiler free)

First will be our main male lead character Yamakazi Kusanagi.

Main Name: Yamakazi Kusanagi
Date of Birth: 19.05.????
Gender: Male
Bloodtype: A
Height (in cm): 175
Weight (in kg): 60
weapons: sword
age range: adolescent
clothing: school uniform, suit, hospital robe
traits: physically strong
looks: purple eyes, black hair, muscular
nationality: Japanese
personality: witty, kind, lazy
schoolwear school uniform

Kusanagi is a lazy ass pervert with a kind heart even if he dreams to have his own harem of girls at his feet. If someone is in trouble he will help that person no mater what even if it’s a stranger and especially if it’s a close friend or family. He also practiced jujustu (an old type of martial arts) and kendo since five along with his childhood friend Kogara Sachi but stopped when after losing his temper and broken the arm of a bully. Aside from his harem that will never happen, he wants nothing more then to be a NEET/Hikikomori but sadly because of Sachi that always wakes him up and drags him to school he can’t. He is smart and witty when it counts and knows how to keep his grounds in a fight be it kendo/swords or fist fight.

In other news:
The script has been fully integrated.
The CG’s have been fully integrated and the CG Gallery has been stocked with the CG’s.
*The voice acting is done but is still needs a little more editing before being integrated. Since we want to make sure it sounds perfect for you guys and it doesn’t sound to loud or low compared to the BGM.

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