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Hi all!


Yggdrasil, a fantasy themed and slice of life visual novel has officially launched on Indiegog! We are seeking a funding of 10000 £ to help us turn Yggdrasil into a story that will be remembered for ages to come.


Why do we need the funding?


20% will go to Indiegogo fees and rewards and the remaining will go into the main fields that a visual novel requires – Art, Programming and Audio.


Yggdrasil’s team is packed with enthusiastic and talented people, ready to deliver to you, the narration of a story about an ordinary boy who has been sent into a world of elves – A story of romance, fantasy and of course, court intrigue.


As part of our team, we have Matthew Curtis, known for his works in LEGO Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Marisa Lenti, known for her work in Relima; A Wolf’s Tale as well as  Brittany Bree Lauda  know for work in Holyknight as Cammot; Queens Blade: Rebelion (TV) as Mirim; HuniePop as Audrey; Portal as Companionship- Chell.


Why should you back us?


Prose Edda, the team, is filled with people who have devoted countless numbers of hours into the development of this game – The reason why we have come to Indiegogo is to seek your support so that we can continue improving on Yggdrasil.


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You can play our demos here: Demo

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