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Originally posted 9/11/2014 YES!! FIRST PART OF THE BETA IS FINALLY OUT!!

The story revolves around our protagonist,  Yamakazi Kusanagi, who wakes up, after a big earthquake, in Alfheim the land of elves without any knowledge of how he got there or how to get back home. He now must not only figure how to get back home  to Midgard but also what caused him to be brought here and find out if there is any connections between the so-called earth shaking in Alfheim and the earthquakes back home all the while trying to stay alive and figure out who is trying to assassinate the princess and take over the kingdom. Does this person has anything to do with him being here and the earthquake activity?

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Whats new this Beta Demo?

Full HD (1920×1080) Artwork
Character Design by Rebeca Akeil
Background Made by Uncle Mugen
Fully Voice Acted

Yamakazi Kusanagi(MC)
Kusanagi is a lazy ass pervert with a kind heart even if he dreams to have his own harem of girls at his feet. If someone is in trouble he will help that person no mater what even if it’s a stranger and especially if it’s a close friend or family. He also practiced jujustu (an old type of martial arts) and kendo since 5 along with his childhood friend Kogara Sachi but stopped when after losing his temper and broken the arm of a bully. Aside from his harem that will never happen, he wants nothing more then to be a NEET/Hikikomori but sadly  because of Sachi that always wakes him up and drags him to school he can’t. He is smart and witty when it counts and knows how to keep his grounds in a fight be it kendo/swords or fist fight.
Voiced by Matthew Curtis


Kogara Sachi
Sachi is Kusanagi’s childhood friend since she was 5 [spoiler]and Kusanagi saved her from a pack of stray dogs that she believed to be wolves and because of that she helps him with everything from from waking up to making breakfast and lunch for him to help him study she also has a crush on him that she doesn’t really fully realize.[/spoiler] They both started martial arts and kendo at same age which is where they’ve first met but was more of a rivalry between them than friendship. [spoiler]Their friendship started when Kusanagi saved her from the pack of “wolves” she then decided to help him and be by his side until she considered she paid him back for rescuing her.[/spoiler]
Voiced by Helen Ni (aka trufflekeys)

Full OST made by Florenz Dominic Sison and N.H.C
Music Room with all the tracks in game
A Big Variety of Endings

Still to come soon:
CG’s and CG gallery
Scene Gallery
Custom UI
Part 2 of the story in the demo

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