2 comments to Steam GreenLight

  • Rachel  says:

    Will this game ever be released on Steam? The greenlit page has been taken down and we were left without any news. I bought your game on groupees and am waiting for it to come out on Steam to play it.

    • MoonStar  says:

      Firstly thank you for you purchase and that you enjoy it to wait and purchase it. We have had some problems with our publisher but rest assure it will be finished and released on Steam even if i have to sacrifice a arm and a leg cuz i don’t have any brothers or sisters to sacrifice :P. On a serious note it will be finished and released yes. We are looking for a new publisher at this moment and if we cant find one we are going to start a kickstarter or patreon(most likely) to get the funds to finish it. I was planning on releasing a news post yesterday but some news would have been taken as april fools. Will be posting it today though remember to follow us on twitter @YggdrasilVN

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