We are ALIVE!

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Hello everyone! I know I know its almost half of year since you heard from us and I’m pretty sure your thinking well their died out since their crowdfunding failed. Well surprise! We are ALIVE! You might say we have risen up the ashes like a phoenix.

First thing is first this project was and is something we are very passionate about this has never was never is and never will be about the funding and money. For the entire time we have tried and look for different methods on how to keep going and keep making what we love namely this visual novel. Heck I (MoonStar/John Valentin) even tried moving to the UK and for 3 months looking for a job only to end up coming back with my wrist broken.

But that is beyond the point. At the moment we are redoing the art. We heard how you guys say its confusing and how Ikeshia and Elisven looks better and different then Kusanagi and the rest. And so we asked Pinguin-Kotak to redo the entire art as Ikeshia and Elisven. Also the writing has progressed a lot since we last spoken and the story is nearly finished with all routes.

So bottom line is we are still alive and we are still going putting all our love passion in to this one thing we love doing. As for funding we might do a patreon or go fund me campaign he haven’t decided yet. What would be the your preferred way?

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